BTEEM is a reputable computer software provider whose services have encompassed various areas of IT domain.Equipped with some of the most experienced professionals BTEEM has played a central role in launching the successful careers of many IT companies. Over the years of rapid growth in the IT industry, BTEEM has been credited with the implementation of highly modern technologies and software in innumerable enterprises.

Our World

Our World

BTEEM, a young e-solution company is a world in itself which comprises of qualified IT professionals having sound know-how of the most advanced IT solutions. The ultimate vision is to facilitate the various business processes with the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

Unlike other IT companies, we take care that the work environment remains light and fun-filled to achieve the optimum results. Every team member works with an uplifted spirit to contribute in the greatest ever evolution of technology being witnessed for the last two decades.
The exclusive range of services is designed with diligence, taking into consideration the kind of business challenges faced in the current scenario and are delivered with the utmost professional approach.

The fast growing company firmly believes in India turning into a world leader as we are expecting it to soon gain the title of “Developed Nation”, helping the business digitize to the best possible extent can help us achieve this goal faster. The end to end e-solutions are custom-designed to deal with the complexity and criticality of the challenges.
Our People

Our People

We are blessed with a growing team which carries an attitude of offering world class solutions to the client and winning their trust every time they reach out to us. Our people are experts at what they do and remain motivated as the prime attention revolves around reflecting innovation in every solution. The perfection is combined with the creativity which never fails to flow even while working on even a small application. The team is strong enough to endure the unique challenges which are imported with every single project.

Manpower - Our Strength

Our team is a small family which is the biggest asset for BTEEM and given the utmost priority than any other resource of the company. In order to meet the changing demands of customers and trends of the market, we keep organizing training and keep abreast of the latest software and tools. We also believe in the spiritual strengthening at the work place for health, harmony and happiness. With the common vision in everyone’s spirit and no compromise with the integrity, achieving the set goals become even easier.
Our Culture
Our Culture
We truly believe in digitization and our services comprise of world class digital solutions. The custom needs of our clients are our top priority and our engineers work like scientists in a laboratory in order to discover the best possible package matching to the requirements. Our work stations are clean and the vision is clear.

Intuitive approach

One of the recent areas of focus is to implement the intuitions of those involved in the project than following the typical planning and methodology. This helps us see “Just Perfect” expression on our client’s face, ultimately boosting our morale for the further milestones.

“Party harder to make the work feel like a party”

The fun-loving aspect is never missed out for whatsoever reason as we keep infusing the zest of events, get-togethers, outings, workshops and much more.

BTEEM, as the name reflects, “Being a Team” is our actual motto!
Our Clients

Our Clients

We work hard to have you with us! As our clients look at us with their own expectations, we continue to work with the same curiosity to meet up to their expectations and bring in the best ever results. We cater to a wide range of industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecommunication, and so on. It is our prime responsibility to understand the thrust for being ahead and we help them achieve the same with the finest and latest e-commerce solutions. As we understand innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization , we always stay motivated.

“Going above and beyond what is obvious”

The solutions we offer are meant to equip your business with the enough strengthening required to meet with the current challenges and have an edge in the toughest of competition. They are defined and designed in a way to grab instant popularity in the market. We welcome you open heartedly without being evaluative of the size of your company. All you need is to pick the right solution and walk out with an assurance of ever growing success. The comprehensive nature of the solutions does not leave any scope of doubt of its failure and BTEEM becomes integral with your success.

"Customer Satisfaction is worthless, Customer loyalty is priceless!"