Small Scale

Small Scale Industry

Small-scale industries such as textiles, F&B, super markets, advertising agencies, travel and transport and many more are expanding their wings with IT empowerment wave. As these industries involve a huge B2C communication, IT tools can convert the stressful scenarios into a well-organized system which are carefully developed to handle such operations. The business is bestowed with a powerful front-end and back-end interface for the website.


From Printing to finishing, now it is technology’s turn to revamp the face of Textile industry. The latest tool uses multiple fluids and chemicals to increase the fabric functionalities. The fast and reliable technology comes with a stamp of eco-friendliness which means less energy cost. It is capable of dealing with even the most complicated and delicate fabric and produces the finest prints ever.

Business Solutions

The recently conducted survey reveals a surprising fact of the start-ups offering a higher bracket of salary when compared to MNCs which goes without saying the success rates of these small ventures. It could be ERP, CRM, BI or Project Management, our business solutions are there to help you grow incessantly.


F&B, one of the customer oriented industry is known for its hospitality nature of service. The right system and support is made suitable for the infrastructure to achieve the efficiency level in the day-to-day activities, reducing the chances of downtime and a positive customer satisfaction.