BTEEM is a reputable computer software provider specialized in providing comprehensive IT solutions to customers. The rapidly growing company’s services have always focused on the importance of knowing the Customer requirements. BTEEM’s professionally equipped team is renowned for creating platforms that make sure productive relationship with customers...

Custom Software Development


A business beyond boundaries…

The best ever gift of technology is the growing industry of custom solutions which are imparted to bring the desired breakthroughs beyond imaginations. An aim to achieve better business practices comes into reality with the smooth steering of business processes through the latest customized software solutions.

The custom software packages are created in view of real-time business models to ensure that nothing is missed in this dynamic age and the business keeps flourishing while being adaptive to the latest advancements. We at BTEEM, connect, comprehend, and apply the comprehension to design the best software solution for your business development needs.

Our team of experts crafts the most effective tools to implement the smooth functioning of various business processes, such as execution, marketing, finance, administration, Human Resource, IT and other important sections. It could be CMS, digital marketing, HR management, productivity tools, databases, web solutions and mobile application, all you need is to draw up a list of requirements and we design the best customized software to suit the business operation exigencies.

IT equipped personnel

The most advantageous aspect of availing custom software services is to have a staff where everyone can have an ease of access to information. You have an edge to work with well-informed employees who are sufficiently independent and reliable to accomplish major and critical tasks. On the other hand, it brings a high level of satisfaction in the personnel with respect to the career growth and helps them achieve time management, which certainly paves the way to strike the work-life balance.

Solution-based approach

With every department being equipped with advanced software solutions to accomplish the projects with higher speed and accuracy, the collective approach begins to tend towards solution than to be oriented towards the problem. An access to software solution discourages the complaint mood, which translates into satisfactory achievement of goals.BTEEM comes into picture when it is about making a business free from old and typical practices. A software equipped operation makes it easier for everyone.

Key problem areas

As the business involves, there comes a number of transitions which requires the update of business model to get in sync with the changing waves. The key problem areas can range from data entry tasks, invoice management, HR management, Time and attendance system and various other areas belonging to different segments. Or, it could be a case of a business running without the blessings of cloud technology, waiting to be supported with a wave of change.

Solution Implementation

We carefully analyze the nature, requirements and especially the root cause of the problems being confronted in today’s scenario, prepare the most appropriate proposal and re-shape the entire functioning with our IT engineering.

BI and data analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Because Intelligence is where True Innovation starts…

With the world expanding at an incredible pace and with the rapidly changing market trends, BI has become an indispensable solution requirement for every business model, regardless of its size and industry. These solutions are usually concerned with customer behavior, marketing decisions, supply chain management, pricing and financial planning which helps gaining an insight about the business development pattern.

A business intelligence expert handles the data analytics for your very own business set-up in order to facilitate the capitalizing on the gathered data and convert it into as much returns as possible. After all, it is all about remaining ahead of the curve and strengthening the soul of the business.

“If you have the data for us, we have the business for you”

BTEEM comes into role as we bring in our vast industry knowledge, impeccable technical capability, sound operational excellence and robust global delivery model. The intention remains to enhance the decision making at all the levels of management, thereby ensuring the business development taking place in an optimum direction. Weather it is about the evaluation of site performance, data mining, or optimizing SQL queries, our experienced business analyst experts take care of all such requirements who are constantly supplied with cutting edge technology to realize every small task with absolute perfection.

Key covered areas


One of the successfully implemented projects in the recent times is the development of a Restaurant App integrated with BI which has not only completely transformed the business development but, made it much easier and faster to adapt with the industry changes.

Explore the power of data

In this awareness age where data is one of the biggest assets, the tools and technology to monetize this asset may remain out of sight. Our work is to bring all the possible expertise and technology into the picture, enabling our clients to achieve a higher customer satisfaction and increased credibility, gaining a sight of the best ways to utilize the fullest business potential ever.

Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Among the numerous computer software offered by BTEEM, Platform integration has come to be regarded by customers and engineers alike as the most complete computer software. BTEEM has succeeded in laying foundation for platform integration that enables customers to transform their small scale and large scale business into thriving new age enterprises. BTEEM employs modern solutions to interweave Mobile, web and technical system to carry out a concrete Platform integration. It is the next generation computer software that guarantees to integrate your technological platforms and implement formal guidelines to realize company goals.

As a sophisticated computer software that integrates the web applications with mobile technology, integration platform excels in integrating and developing intricate and intelligent applications. The integration solution serves as an avenue of software development and facilitates data exchanges taking place between business partners. In addition to integrating workflows in your enterprise, Platform integration also allows users to swiftly move their business data in and out of multiple data sources. One of the benefits of integrating web applications with mobile technology is that it will simplify the process of integration and improves the chances of productive collaborations between like-minded users.

The advent of the BI integrated applications

The advent of the BI integrated applications has meant that users no longer face limits on performing BI task on their mobile phones. Integration of BI application with Mobile has helped users to transcend the bounds of their enterprise’s material existence. The Mobile devices which support business intelligence platform help the users to analyze multi-dimensional applications. BI software provides all users with unfettered access to innumerable applications on their mobiles.

BI application integrated with mobile also offers the most reliable means of data examination to solve problems and take prompt decisions. Due to Business Intelligence’s emergence as many enterprises’ technological strategy, most growing companies today opt for mobile applications along with their existing conventional desktop systems.

Today users have been witnessing constant demand for Data visualization on Smart phones from all quarters of business spectrum. Whether you want to check the fluctuation sensor or analyze the data workflows of your enterprise on an immediate basis, Data analytics and BI reports on your mobile will help you out. Having visual form of BI reports at disposal helps users in keeping track of operations and making critical business decisions. Such platform integration relieves the users of unnecessary technical chores and guarantees user friendly application of Business intelligence through mobile phones.

Platform integration allows users to avail of highly beneficial services of Insurance application. The integrated insurance application offered by BTEEM ensures that all products of the customer are insuredwithout making agents to perform manual writing. This modern customer service tool certainly boosts your chances of expanding the customers

UI/Ux Design


Our UI/UX designing team focus is on delivering HIGH QUALITY solution of requirements, always aiming beyond clients expectations. As BTEEM encourages the people for new visions and always focuses on the high quality, the creative minds deliver the better for the business. We take every opportunity as a challenge, because a challenge brings a successful story. We create digital experiences for any platform that reflect your brand, vision, and end-user needs. Taking the Research and Strategy findings, we start the iterative design process. Through a variety of collaborative techniques we spark not only the creation of individual screens but also generate a consistent and reusable design language as we progress through interaction and visual design.
As we grow, we are able to plan with our clients the most efficient path to get to the business, along with our experience. By empathizing with the client visions and employing different measure and tools we reach the next level of expectation from the business. We constantly move further by crossing the boundaries of thinking, and realize new areas of features, functions and patterns which will encage the people in the captivity of the application, which in turn establishes a new user experience strategies for the clients, success metrics, deliverables, and long-term governance.

As we progress to a meaningful experience in the area of visualization, we observe the real piece of information which Business would require, closely and thus making the product and application more attractive. Additionally our dedicated research grows in parallel which is providing more insights into this area along with new strategies. This ensures the reuse of existing components which will a give a glance to the business and will reduce the cost and time efficiently, hence the people can be focused on the customer needs and innovations.