BTEEM is a reputable computer software provider specialized in providing comprehensive IT solutions to customers across various industries. The rapidly growing company’s services have always focused on the importance of knowing the customer requirements and thus industrial knowledge plays a vital role. BTEEM’s professionally equipped team is renowned for creating platform which suits to the industry based on the real requisites. Our industrial solutions cover mainly Finance, Education, Health care and Small scale.



With a driving force of IT, Finance is one of the industry vertical enjoying the boost of development in a digital fashion. The innovative e-commerce solutions are rapidly replacing the old practices which ultimately help you get rid of that old and boring image with a unique identity of powerful player in the market. The vastness of Finance Industry goes without saying the obvious need of IT enhancements for their effective operations. A merger of IT and banking is no less than a breakthrough which remains to be one of the demands by the consumers. The database driven website helps you choose and use the best web technologies and generate those revenue figures which might not have been possible with the old practices being followed. The IT tools give your business a sharp edge to attain that accuracy which is a pre-requisite for any finance transaction.

Finance Industry Management Solutions

“The actual fun starts with the finance” – A finance’s expert statement. The most sought after solutions for finance operations; governance, risk and compliance; and performance management are ensured.


With the increasing safety concern at common level, insurance is one of the fastest growing industries with a huge number of hyper-connected consumers across all channels. One of the biggest challenges being faced in the insurance industry is to deal with the inflow of claim applications.

We bring a wide range of IM (Insurance Management) applications and tools to bring a transformation in the way you operate. From CRM, Analytics, Core Insurance operations to risk management, we have a unique technology for all of these areas. The customized applications at each level of customer management promises a higher number of satisfied customer feedbacks.


Tax system automation software is another breakthrough in the Finance sector as it has brought a paradigm shift from old ways of tax computing. The integrated software can identify the tax evasions, eventually improving the tax collection. The taxpayers are equally benefitted with the simpler tax processes.

With an increasing variety of taxes being imposed on different levels, this master software is capable of smooth processing, namely VAT, Income Tax, Pay-As-You-Earn, Presumptive Tax, Turnover Tax, Mineral Royalty Tax, Excise, Property Transfer Tax, Medical Levy and Withholding Tax. The ultimate accuracy in the operations as well as prevention and detection of potential revenue leakages makes it a must have to achieve the operational efficiency.


Education serves as a foundation in the forming of mindset of the youth which is the greatest power of any nation. E-learning has emerged as one of the revolutionary concept in the present times which has been used to make the outreach of education nationwide. The classes, training and lectures can be delivered through the online teaching platforms and virtual discussion of teachers and students do not let the liveliness go away. One of the frequent requests from the education business is to integrate the websites with forums, e-teaching platform, chat rooms and multimedia sharing without any barricades of distance and time.

Online Education

As education is no more restricted to Schools, Institutions and University, the online teaching is breaking through all barriers of knowledge sharing. The online platform has been developed to provide an enriching experience of that felt in a classroom and while promising an easy access and wide network of teachers and experts

School Communication System

Responding to the burgeoning needs of schools and institutions, the solutions are offered to make the management well-equipped with the technology, thereby maintaining a sound record of teachers, associations, students and the relevant interactions. Moreover, modernization is translated through instant messaging, video conferencing through a single interface across all the PCs, browsers, and mobile devices, defining the standards of the institution.

Improved Learning

The e-learning provides an enriched experience of audio-visual teaching, paving way to new achievements for those focused on success. The tools are integrated in such a way that learning remains a great experience each time.

Learning Management System

You can have your own Learning Management Systems (LMS) as we help you develop your very own version of LMS. The system is extremely helpful in managing the education organizations and institutions, induction and orientation portals, academic business management systems, assessment and compliance platforms.
Health Care


As the health sector gets advanced with every passing day, it is important to facilitate the reach of these advancements to those in need of it. A number of medical organizations are vigorously working upon the promotion of the latest medical equipment and drugs. We make sure to keep the website design accommodating for all the useful information, not limited to the patients and serving as a network platform for doctors and specialists. Moreover, we are aware of the fast-paced environment and our software is extremely helpful for dealing with a large number of queries.

The key areas to be IT enabled


It is now a few clicks handling the entire finance system of the hospitals. The financial software manages the entire inflow and outflow of cash. The FM management tool ultimately results in reduction of total cost of ownership and increase in ROI.

Patient Interaction

As every patient is important to you, the record is maintained accurately taking into account the iterative visits, services availed, patient-doctor interactions, occupancy period and even the special feedbacks received from them.

High-tech Laboratories

The traditional laboratory is converted into factories of inventions as the research is no more conducted with the old tools apparatus. The lab management software solutions are provided to meet the unique research requirements. The integration of these IT enhancements is ensured to make the day-to-day activities hassle-free. Apart from the research lab software, a range of fully customizable software for path lab and diagnostic lab is also available.

IT enabled help-desk

To manage the helpdesk calls and queries is yet another task for the hospitals and diagnostic centers. The help-desk solutions are specially designed to create a super support model, thus enhancing the patient care services. The solution covers physician allocation, clinical support and reporting analysis. It is much easier to get the doctor-patient connect without being worried of the challenges
Small Scale

Small Scale Industry

Small-scale industries such as textiles, F&B, super markets, advertising agencies, travel and transport and many more are expanding their wings with IT empowerment wave. As these industries involve a huge B2C communication, IT tools can convert the stressful scenarios into a well-organized system which are carefully developed to handle such operations. The business is bestowed with a powerful front-end and back-end interface for the website.


From Printing to finishing, now it is technology’s turn to revamp the face of Textile industry. The latest tool uses multiple fluids and chemicals to increase the fabric functionalities. The fast and reliable technology comes with a stamp of eco-friendliness which means less energy cost. It is capable of dealing with even the most complicated and delicate fabric and produces the finest prints ever.

Business Solutions

The recently conducted survey reveals a surprising fact of the start-ups offering a higher bracket of salary when compared to MNCs which goes without saying the success rates of these small ventures. It could be ERP, CRM, BI or Project Management, our business solutions are there to help you grow incessantly.


F&B, one of the customer oriented industry is known for its hospitality nature of service. The right system and support is made suitable for the infrastructure to achieve the efficiency level in the day-to-day activities, reducing the chances of downtime and a positive customer satisfaction.