We open our doors for all those who are interested by our exclusive services, are welcomed warm heartedly and we cater to their requirements with a keen eye to detail. A meet to deeply comprehend the requirements is given utmost importance in order to meet your expectations perfectly. The means of communication and time to be spent on the discussion is chosen by you and we commit ourselves to lend an ear.

So, let us connect and to start a new story with e-solutions!


It is a plan that defined the direction and flow of any process!

If there is an equation to be solved, we have a formula to solve it the best possible way. The requirements may vary as per the business type such as start-ups, multi-national organizations, government departments and many more. Despite the varied complexity levels, we always have a plan for you. Our experts are constantly experimenting with their vast experience and formulating a customized and suitable plan to cater to your needs.

The simple two step process involved in planning is firstly, to correctly analyze the requirements in order to allocate the resources and secondly to set a proper plan for the execution of the project in order to deliver the desirable results. The planning phase mainly involves the selection of technology to be used in the project.

We make it a point to share the plan with you to keep you assured of the project progress.

It is not about just meeting the requirement, rather it analyzing the business problem or the opportunity in deep and making the ground clean and then setting the foundation. The right design will be the right pillar for the system and will hold the entire implantation upright. We constantly research how to leverage best-practice-based processes and to implement the latest trends to produce highly qualified systems along with the standard procedures.
It could be designing a new system or a complete redesigning need for an existing system, our talent is ever ready to assist you with those requirements. From conception to implementation, you remain aware of every single development taking place on the ground. Our people are trained to work with a highly communicative approach which makes it a pleasant experience for the end user. Moreover, it is not just about investing our creativity; it is the excellence that defines the way we work.
Just as the foundation of a tress holds it upright, the development of the system is the foundation of its functioning. Our experts carry the treasures of their sharp observations with respect to the evolvements happened over a last few years and make sure that the solutions remain fully customizable. All that is expected from you is an honest sharing about the vision for your business so that we can realize the same into a next level of experience for the world.
Testing is another important phase through which all the applications and systems must pass. The expert testers remain enthusiastic to perform the testing and QA on these products before they are handed over to you. We assume utmost responsibility for every product developed by us and hence provide you with end-to-end solutions.

The bugs are listed and then fixed on in-house server before the actual deployment takes place. It helps us ensure a smooth functioning of the application. The test reports are handed over to you in order to provide you with constant updates on the development project. A number of intensive tests are performed at each level of the process to identify the response and performance of the system for the possible use cases.
It’s time for the grand launch – the announcement is made by the IT experts after crossing the intensive planning, design and development phase. The final stage of the project is not less than celebration. A perfect launch is ensured with the quality engineering and stringent supporting documents. The post launch activities will be well planned and documented and the project (local and production version) is handed over to you after the successful launch announcing the proud entry of your brand into the digital playground, and we’ll be happily watching the system closely and supporting in all means…